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olde peking antiquesWelcome to 18th and 19th century treasures from around the world presented in Los Angeles showrooms. Also, the most amazing array of Antique Furniture, Bronze, Jade, Colisonne, Porcelain,Wood Statues and Stone Buddha Statues in the United States. When only the finest quality, beauty and rarity will do,visit Olde Peking in person or on this site which presents over 100 pieces from our collection of over 8,000 antiques. Olde Peking Antiques Inc is located in Alhambra, California. Olde Peking Antiques is a private company categorized under Antiques. It was established in 1991 and incorporated in California and low Prices at the Worlds Most Fabulous Thrift Store In Your Area.

The Olde Peking Antiques Inc is located in Alhambra on Main street, between stone man and chaple. The show room has three display areas: The first floor display buddha, wood carving, porcelain vase, cloisonne vase and many accessories. The second floor display Ming Dynasty and Qing Dynasty furniture. The basement display all kinds furniture. The back entrance display large statues. We have the best collection as you need.

Olde Peking Antiques
225 E Main St
Alhambra CA 91801
(626) 2843099

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